65 Bed Extension to Care Home in Newark

Welcome to the expanded care home in Newark, featuring a 65-bed extension—a testament to WorkZone Ltd's dedication to enhancing the standards of senior care. This project goes beyond mere construction; it embodies our commitment to exceptional senior living.









Year Built


Newark's Premier Senior Care Oasis

Discover Newark's premier senior care oasis, the extended care home by WorkZone Ltd, representing our commitment to exceptional senior living. This project is not merely about construction; it's a holistic approach to redefining senior care. The meticulous extension of 65 beds elevates the home to new levels of comfort, security, and care. Nestled in the heart of Newark, it provides residents with a nurturing environment, where compassion and excellence merge. As the demand for high-quality senior care continues to grow, investing in this extension is an opportunity to be part of a new era in senior living. This isn't just about beds; it's about providing seniors with the highest quality of life and care they deserve

Our Commitment to Senior Living in Newark

Visiting the extended care home isn't just an introduction to additional beds; it's an invitation to witness WorkZone Ltd's commitment to excellence in senior living. Our legacy in senior care management and expansion speaks volumes about our dedication to providing high-quality care. We invite potential investors and visitors to immerse themselves in the essence of this project, where the extension is more than construction; it's an embodiment of our commitment to seniors in Newark. From the well-designed interiors to the nurturing atmosphere, our commitment to creating environments that redefine senior living is palpable. This visit is more than an inspection; it's an opportunity to be part of a new standard in senior care in Newark.